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Cut your costs and Minimize risk

Foreign business adventurous can be costly, With our services you minimize the time and money spent discovering if a businessplan is solid or not.

Go where you are needed and wanted

Offering your services and products outside of your own country Can give you huge advantages which are not possible in your local area


Part of being professional is keeping your word and your promises. We believe in direct and honest communication and having realistic expectations.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are so confident in our abilities that we promise to give back your money in case you are dissatisfied with our services

Our Services

"Business made easy" is our guideline when designing our services

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Client representation

We can represent you and your company and promote and defend your business interests and investments, in person or in a online business meeting in a professional and ethical manner and if you prefer in the native language or in English

legal services

Legal Assistance & Accounting Services

We have a large network of lawyers from every field , business,finance and criminal law. We team up and organize the best suited law team for your situation and we follow up on proceedings and report back and we keep you informed about what the status is.

Travel planning on map

Travel Planning & assistance

With our local knowledge and our superb travelpartner which specializes in small tailor made travel services we can assists and plan all parts of your business trip from flight itinerary to very specific needs on destination and arrange special package tours designed for your specific needs.

reports and folders

management and reporting services

We can organize and supervise the management of your business and report on your business activities. It could be a store or a service or something completely different.

market research

Product and market research

We can research a certain product and do market research and contact professionals to get their assessment in any area that you and your company would be interested in.

shopping store

Control Services

If you have business operations ,an operating store or a business open for the public we can visit the store anonymously and give you feedback on first impression and service level and other criteria decided by you.

Security opening door

Security Services & close protection

We can help organize and take care of all your security needs for your business activities, from the most basic say a private driver picking you up from the airport to a team of top professionals specialized in close protection.

construction site

Site Control

Are you considering buying a piece of land or maybe you have a construction site? We can visit that site with a specialist and have a look around and we can report back and document it with pictures.

Our Values

Company Mission statement

Our Vision

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We write blogs about business-related topics and we aim to inspire or add value and to entertain business people, and we try to do this using colorful and direct language. We might by accident offend some readers but this is not our intention. We want our readers to engage with us and,share their own experiences, so feel free to leave a comment or contact us by mail. 

business fair invitation folder
The fair is organized by UFRAD , the Turkish Franchize association which is one of the worlds biggest franchise organisations with an annual transaction volume of 35 Billion US dollars, and it brings together domestic and international investors,and more then 250 brands from 40 different sectors
original Edward Munch museum painting
while looking what is so special about that I thought. what I thought was fascinating was Edward Munch had written a text under the picture it says " The rich man who gives steals two times ,first he has stolen the money then he steals people's heart's".
Novo Nordisk Logo
Novo Nordisk has been very successful for a long time and is a well known name in Danish households. They have been in this very lucrative market for many years. Novo Nordisk makes lifesaving drugs and only three companies make these drugs , the other two are Eli Lilly and Sanofi.
Oil Platform at sea
The old Norwegians are the toughest vikings there is. But the newly rich generation is very different from past generations, and far from every Norwegian is wealthy.
swedish country roads
Swedish steel is world famous for its quality. There is a big weapons industry, from army knives , ballistic protection vests,bazookas, tanks to big artillery to jet fighters Sweden manufactures it all. Sweden's manufacturing sector is renowned for its quality for details and precision.
Nyhavn københavn
Danes love to travel and they are pioneers when it comes to modern tourism. They are inventors of package tours, charter tourism, sun and beach tourism where you pay a small amount and you get flight tickets, hotel stay and a big barbeque included, first flights where to Spain and canary islands.

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